Welcome to my site! I’m an Experience Researcher and Strategist. Combining my love for curious research and engaging users, I work with information design, interaction design, and usability research to create holistic and interesting user-centered experiences.

My passion for having a technical background based in a humanistic approach blossomed from my degrees in Experience Architecture and Technical Writing, but continues to bloom from my work in physical and digital spaces. These days, I’m working as a UX Researcher at U.S. Bank where I collaborate with teams to uncover problems and solve them using customer-centric methods.

I don’t just create interfaces. I create experiences. I love collaborating with all kinds of people to make services more human-centered.

Creating experiences requires understanding of pain points and room for intervention. I also love to evangelize and share research in creative ways.

I work to make sure experiences are usable by using and combining different research methods, from formal usability testing, to cognitive walkthroughs, tree testing, and more.